Why Cascade Custom Pools

       Cascade Custom Pools LLC is local and family owned. With over 30years combined experience we have created an image of fine pool construction. We specialize in impressive custom swimming pools and we are the leading swimming pool company for the greater Horry County and Surrounding Areas. We will custom design and build the pool of your dreams, to make it a reality and a true backyard paradise. Our top of line craftsman and designers start by providing the customer with a one of a kind design that represents the highest quality materials available on the market at an affordable rate. This is a custom pool project that is properly planned from beginning to end. We can guarantee you a calm, relaxing but yet exciting experience.  

Our Core Values at Cascade.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - at Cascade Custom Pools LLC we strive for 100% customer satisfaction no matter what the job is. We believe this will in turn generate a great customer base and word of mouth is a powerful tool.

  • COMMUNICATION- Any successful business knows communication is key. We aim for complete communication throughout your project. Communication isn't just key for the clients but us individuals within the company. This helps ensure everyone is on the same page day in and day out. 

  • FAMILY - Our business is based around family orientation, and we wanted to spread it onto our employees. Doing this we can grow together as a family and become stronger through the tough times. One of our problems is everyone's problem as long as we stick together, we can make anything happen.

  • PROJECT QUALITY - We want to bring a piece of artwork into your backyard. For you and your family to enjoy for many years to come! Focusing on the quality of the project is a very important value. We want to deliver the client their full expectations, of what they signed for in the most professional manner.

  • EMPATHY- Understanding from the customers point of view. This in turn will help determine a solution shall a problem arise during our project together.

  • SAFETY- We practice continual safety & quality improvement as a habit. 


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